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1500 Spotlight: Logo Lo

1500 Radio's Logo Lo is a Delaware Born and Baltimore embraced. This JV Auntie brings knowledge, tea, and the latest informative topics to her weekend show "The Lo Down with Logo Lo". Check out the spotlight on Logo Lo

What College/school did you graduate from?

Widener University in Chester, PA.

How did you get your start in radio?

Funny story because radio chose me I didn’t exactly choose it. Back in 2018 I was doing freelance branding and operations work and was introduced to 1500 Radio. The format was much like podcity at the time. I found it difficult to understand the in and out of internet radio without seeing from the inside so I convinced Radio Phil to let me start On The Lo podcast and I kinda fell in love with the experience.

Fast forward to being invited to attend 1500 Radio school. It really was a crash course in learning the business of radio and what it takes to partake and contribute to a successful broadcast production. Learning from 50+ years of radio experience was a game changer.

I guess you can say the love turned into a marriage, there The Lo Down was born and Logo Lo took on a whole new life.

What are your ultimate career goals?

My goal is to never stop learning and to never stop writing my professional story. If my goals were unwavering I wouldn’t have ever found radio which I adore. I’m excited to see where my many professional experiences will take me. There’s no doubt in my mind that whatever the end result will include wisdom and excellence.

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