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30 Year's Of Martin: My Ten Favorite Episodes

Today marks 30 years of my favorite sitcom "Martin". Starring Martin Lawrence, the show was a cornerstone of upstart TV network Fox. With an unmatched chemistry from the cast, non stop laughs. These simple words define the show legendary, iconic, game changing. There will never be another sitcom like Martin.

I have seen every episode hundreds of time, even the lackluster fifth season. Heres my top 10 episodes.

10. Really Gina Is Not My Lover

This season 2 episode focuses on Martin attending his 10 year high school reunion, with a focus on getting back at everyone who did him wrong in high school. Including Ricky Fontaine "Pretty Ricky" what they called him. Martin's goal to show up everyone is interrupted when Gina fresh off of an allergic reaction shows up to stand by her man.

9. No Justice, No Peace

This season 2 episode sees Martin deciding to fight a traffic ticket in court on his own. What follows is a hilarious range of banter between Martin, his close pals, and even the judge. The two most iconic scenes in this episode are finding out what GTD stands for, and Martin pleading insanity and acting upon it to escape any charges.

Everytime the episode is on, I stop what I'm doing and watch it.

8. Suspicious minds

Season 2 episode Martin buys a brand new CD player that turns up missing. Martin then takes a Don't Trust Anybody approach and become's a detective interrogating his friends. Eventually taking inspiration from New Jack City, he call's a meeting with his friends in all black and his stuffed dog.

Which lead's to this scene that if you don't laugh you need to check your pulse. Even Thomas Ford who play's Tommy is trying his best to keep his composure together with Martin's antics.

7. I Don't Have The Heart

Pam dates a older very rich man and Martin reaps the benefits. While Gina feels the dynamics of the relationship is off. This episode was a fun poke at people getting into relationships without really knowing the other person. Marrying for money, and having friends with deep pockets and connections opening up a new whole lifestyle for some.

Martin without him realizing him becomes a third wheel in the relationship. He almost has a nervous breakdown when he's loses access to the suite at the Pistons game.

6.Momma's Baby, Martin's Maybe

A little boy named Marvin shows up claiming Martin is his dad. Figuring out the math make's sense, Martin set's out to be the best dad he can be. Trying to make up for all those lost year's he did not know about Marvin. That is until he find's out Marvin isn't even his son, which lead's to this funny exchange about Arizona.

5. Blackboard Jungle Fever

Martin runs into his old grade school teacher Ms. Trinidad. Only to see Ms. Trinidad still has it going on all those years later, and she's willing to let Martin fulfill his childhood fantasies. Martin almost give's into the temptation that is until Gina walk's in on the both of them.

Martin's a bit remorseful about even getting in to the temptation, Ms. Trinidad still wants her prey, and Gina is out for blood. This is a certified season 1 classic.

4. Guard Your Grill

Martin takes winning a charity boxing event too far and feeling disrespected, decides to challenge Tommy "Hitman" Hearns to a charity boxing match. Despite all the training in the world, of course he is no match for Hearns. Leading up to this hilarious confrontation in the boxing ring, which Martin sustains some serious apperance altering bruises from.

3.The Night He Came Home

This season 1 Halloween episode has everyone in the spirit except for Martin who doesn't buy into it. What follows is a night of Martin finding out his apartment just maybe haunted by Old Man Ackerman, and his friends being victims of the ghost. Martin soon show's his bravado is all talk when more spirits come after him.

2. I've Got A Secret

This season 1 episode brings out some bad blood amongst the friends, when secrets they've all held about one another come to light. Everytime I watch this episode I laugh my ass off like it's my first time watching it.

In classic he said, she said scenario. Martin spills the beans on-air about a secret tactic Pam uses to get what she wants at work. Which he would only from Gina, which open's pandora's box amongst the gang of them basically talking shit about each other to one another.

1.Hollywood Swingin 1 and 2

This two part episode featured Tommy Davidson as a highly successful Late night host Varnell Hill who inspires Martin to reach for more.

Originally I only had the second episode listed, that interruption of Jodecis live performance gets me everytime. When I thought about it the first episode is just as funny if not more. While the second episode has the Jodeci interruption and a hilarious beef between Martin and "Michael Jackson".

The first episode of this two-parter includes a just as funny if not more funnier exchange, between Martin and Varnell during an interview. Martin and Tommy Davidson are even trying their best not to break character during this scene. The 2nd half of this scene also highlights the chemistry between the two comedic geniuses and their amazing comedic timing.

A show as iconic as Martin it was hard to narrow down my ten favorite episodes, but in my opinion if someone could only watch 10 episodes from the 5 seasons. This 10 will show just what made this show so special.

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