30 Year's Of Martin: My Ten Favorite Episodes

Today marks 30 years of my favorite sitcom "Martin". Starring Martin Lawrence, the show was a cornerstone of upstart TV network Fox. With an unmatched chemistry from the cast, non stop laughs. These simple words define the show legendary, iconic, game changing. There will never be another sitcom like Martin.

I have seen every episode hundreds of time, even the lackluster fifth season. Heres my top 10 episodes.

10. Really Gina Is Not My Lover

This season 2 episode focuses on Martin attending his 10 year high school reunion, with a focus on getting back at everyone who did him wrong in high school. Including Ricky Fontaine "Pretty Ricky" what they called him. Martin's goal to show up everyone is interrupted when Gina fresh off of an allergic reaction shows up to stand by her man.

9. No Justice, No Peace

This season 2 episode sees Martin deciding to fight a traffic ticket in court on his own. What follows is a hilarious range of banter between Martin, his close pals, and even the judge. The two most iconic scenes in this episode are finding out what GTD stands for, and Martin pleading insanity and acting upon it to escape any charges.

Everytime the episode is on, I stop what I'm doing and watch it.