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30 Years Of Martin: 15 Of My Favorite Scenes

In continuing to celebrate 30 years of my favorite sitcom ever, I decided to highlight 15 scenes that really have stood the test of time as funny to me. Originally this was only to suppose to contain 5 scenes, anyone who has watched Martin religiously like I have. Know's how hard it was hard to settle on just five.

So, originally I picked 10 and that wasnt enough. So here we are with a top fifteen list, but while the episodes themselves may have been funny these scenes just took it over the edge for me. I consider them more memorable than the episodes themselves.

15. Old School Loving

In this season 4 episode, Gina has been working an insane amount of hours making things happen at work. As such she hasn't really spent quality time with Martin, and he hasn't really been eating.

The eating part come's to a head when he link's up with Cole and Tommy at Nipsey's. While they indulge in good ol' restaurant food, Martin tries to hold strong but eventually cave's in under pressure.

14. Working Day And Night

In this season 2 episode, Martin begins working multiple shifts at the station. When Gina objects to it, Martin let's Stan and the fella's get into his head about Gina dominating him. In true Martin fashion, he shows up at a dinner. Encouraging other Male patrons and encouraged by them buying into his B.S. he lead's a "revolt" and it always get's me, when he yell's "Yo Fella's Let's Be Out!!"

13. Romantic Weekend

I'll be honest I don't find this season 3 episode on "Chilligan's Island" that funny. What saves the episode is the famous battle with the rat. Tichnia Arnold and Martin show that they were just as great at physical comedy as they were at delivering lines. It also snapshotted their relationship best, when needed they had one another's back but could quickly go back to cracking on one another. Needless to say they whipped that "puppy's" ass.

12. Martin Returns

The end of season 2 finds Martin leaving Gina and friends behind to find his way. The beginning of season 3 finds Martin as Shaquille Sunflower. He's all philosophical now and it's all on display in the second episode of that season. During a conversation with Cole and Tommy, Martin makes so many philosophical comparisons that have nothing to do with the situation really, but are funny as hell.

11. Ain't Nuttin Going On But The Rent

Season 3 episode "Ain't Nuttin Going On But The Rent". It's a blizzard outside,there's no food in the house, no heat and Martin refuses to "pay the five". While waiting for Cole to come back with food, the gang hears a knock on the door. On the other side is none other than Hustle Man selling "free range" chicken, and offering his recipe to Gina who totally buys into his foolisness.

10. Do The Fight Thing

Gina is a guest on Martin's radio show in this season 1 episode. Stan convinces the two to make it permanent which Martin isn't feeling. He decides to leave Gina hanging and when she cracks under pressure, a caller gets disrespectful with her. Martin comes to the rescue and cusses the caller out full of all kinds of bleeps. Leaving Stan worn out from trying to censor his curse words. While funny this episode displayed just how much Gina and Martin had one another's backs.

9. Come Over To My Place

Cole comes to the determination he needs his own spot in this season 5 episode. Which the highlight for me is the scene where he casually walks in Martin's apartment. Martin remarks to Cole to remind him to whip Cole ass later. Cole pulls out a notepad to schedule it. The way those two non chalantly discuss the timing of the ass whipping, like it's normal has me in tears everytime.

8. Arms Are For Hugging

This episode from season 2 follows Martin and Gina headed to the mountains for a weekend at a couple s retreat. Honestly thinking about it, this episode is easily top 15, but what really takes the cake in this episode is when a fellow retreater labels Martin "an angry man". Martin responds with a comeback and look that only Martin could.

7. Lockin' Boots

This season 3 episode features Gina getting a boot on her car, and trying to keep it from Martin. Martin upon learning she doesn't have it sends her on a wild goose chase across the city for random things. After coming clean, Gina get's her payback in this scene dressing Martin in too small clothing "Air Wack".

6. The Tooth Will Set You Free

Turn's out enemies often are just alike, in this season 4 episode Pam is hypnotized while getting a tooth removed. She's end up under a spell to be more like Martin, and more like Martin she becomes during an high class art show. The scene at the art gallery is even more hilarious once Martin and Gina realize Pam is under hypnosis, Marvin loves it while Gina can't handle two of the same personalities, especially as they clear out the gallery.

5. Get A Job

I believe this season 3 episode is the first appearance of Hustle Man. As he attempts to swindle Martin for a pizza, Tommy pays for the pizza and pulls out a wad of money. Everyone knows Tommy ain't got no job, so Martin heads down the rabbit hole of what he does in this episode.

The highlight is Hustle Man's line which I always quote "We go back like spinal cords and car seats".

4. Martin I Want To Sing

This is by far the funniest Hustle Man scene ever, as well as one of the series all time funniest. This season 4 episode features Martin ever the opportunist, taking a young singer under his wing as her manager.

While he tries to secure a record deal for her. Hustle Man is at the same label trying to secure a deal. Saxophone in tow, he performs his catchy tune "Pick Up The Pieces"

3. The Closer I Get To You

Martin fill's in as the talk show host at his job and help's a couple rekindle their love in this season 3 episode. He spend's the remaining episode giving out relationship advice as The "Love Doctor" even being responsible for Pam and Tommy connecting, which he isn't aware of. Man when he find's out this scene is one for the ages.

2. Fat Like Dat

In this season 2 episode, Martin feeling less of a man after not being able to sustain working out in a majority female class. Decides to go on a strict diet and workout regiment, Gina not being able to sustain the lifestyle anymore. Use's some good ol' homecooking and his Momma's biscuits to break him down, and in this funny ass scene break down indeed he does.

1.Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With Martin

Episode 24 of Season 1 Tommy, Cole, and Martin are jumped by midgets during the early part of the episode. This episode has several zinger of jokes and is easily a top fifteen as well. After being jumped the gang decides they need to learn how to protect themselves better, and enlist the services of Dragon Fly Jones. This scene show's just how good of a comedian Martin Lawrence is with his delivery and his body language.

Dragon Fly Jones is a supposed master of the martial arts, but his pupil overpowers him at every step of the way. I crack up everytime I watch this scene, and it seem's Martin ad-libbed a lot of his movements during filming, as Carl Anthony Payne who plays Cole can be seen in the background trying his hardest not to laugh. This is my favorite scene in the history of Martin, even topping the Jodeci scene.

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