30 Years Of Martin: 15 Of My Favorite Scenes

In continuing to celebrate 30 years of my favorite sitcom ever, I decided to highlight 15 scenes that really have stood the test of time as funny to me. Originally this was only to suppose to contain 5 scenes, anyone who has watched Martin religiously like I have. Know's how hard it was hard to settle on just five.

So, originally I picked 10 and that wasnt enough. So here we are with a top fifteen list, but while the episodes themselves may have been funny these scenes just took it over the edge for me. I consider them more memorable than the episodes themselves.

15. Old School Loving

In this season 4 episode, Gina has been working an insane amount of hours making things happen at work. As such she hasn't really spent quality time with Martin, and he hasn't really been eating.

The eating part come's to a head when he link's up with Cole and Tommy at Nipsey's. While they indulge in good ol' restaurant food, Martin tries to hold strong but eventually cave's in under pressure.

14. Working Day And Night

In this season 2 episode, Martin begins working multiple shifts at the station. When Gina objects to it, Martin let's Stan and the fella's get into his head about Gina dominating him. In true Martin fashion, he