Artist Spotlight: Meet Shon Ski

Q: Welcome back to another edition of 1500Radio's Artist Spotlight. Welcome Shon Ski, a beautiful, black and multitalented women. Tell the people, who is Shon Ski.

I'm Shon Ski from East Baltimore, Maryland, dummy.

A: I'm just an overall creative. I do so many creative things. My artistic endeavors have led me in so many different avenues, but music is my passion. It's like something that no matter how far away I get from it, I just can't stop doing it. It just always brings me back.

So I'm an artist, first and foremost. I'm also a mompreneur. I embody that 90s type of vibe and style so I play it for my children and it was just something that was always in my house.

Q: I love it, so you're a mom. How old are your kids?

A: I've got three. I have a 12 year old, a four year old and a two year old. So life is always busy.

Q: Yes, there are many, many layers to you. You're also a songwriter, a rapper-singer, entrepreneur, audio engineer, media personality, model...let's start with how you first got into radio and audio production and becoming a media personality.

A: My first introduction into it was a friend of mine, his name is Karlito Freeze, he's another artist in the Baltimore scene. He kind of brought me into the world of media. We both met making music, but he thought it would be a good avenue for us to explore because we had so much to learn about the game.

He was just so big on us being independent and he thought that it was the bes