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Black As Night

It's spooky season which means the air is getting crisp, leaves are falling, and it's time to sit down to watch some Halloween classics, cult classics, horrible B-movies, and hidden gems. I stumbled onto a new hidden gem available on Amazon Prime Video called Black As Night. Black As Night is a movie about vampires, and I love a good vampire movie. Even greater to see an vampire movie with a majority Black cast which is rare.

Black As Night follows a teenager Shawna played by Asjha Cooper over one weird summer where she notices vampires are lurking in New Orleans. After a traumatic event caused by these new neighbors, she along with some reliable friends set out to enact revenge on the creatures of the night. Headed by the always welcome Keith David who is creepy enough and loves to ham it up.

The movie has some socio-economic and political tones to it while the vampires are being hunted. The city of New Orleans with it's unique style and it's rich history of citizens practicing voodoo is shown some love. The vampires themselves even have a nice backstory that intertwines with the horrors of this country.

Some of the dialogue is a little cringy, but Shawna will remind you of a modern day Buffy only with more style and flair. It's an relatively short film clocking in under 90 minutes, but it will be worth every minute. Every Halloween from here on out you will turn it on as part of your routine.

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