Black Cartoons You May Have Forgot About

Probably one of the greatest feelings in the world was sitting in front of the TV, with the biggest bowl of cereal possible watching Saturday Morning cartoons. Unfortunately that feeling isn't as prevelant nowadays for kids, as Saturday Morning cartoons aren't really a thing any longer. Due to cable channels like Cartoon Network and Boomerang not to mention streaming apps, cartoons are accessible anytime for today's kids.

Since Black History Month is all about what the culture brings to society and it is alot. I wanted to highlighted some forgotten cartoons that starred Black chraracters. We all know cartoons like The Jackson 5,Fat Albert, The Proud Family, Doc McStuffins, and Static Shock. Here are 7 cartoons featuring Black characters you may or may not know of or even remember.

C-Bear and Jamal

Debuting on Fox Kids in 1996, C-Bear and Jamal starred Tone Loc as a backwards cap rapping teddy bear named C Bear. C Bear becomes alive around Jamal and at times his friends, encouraging them and helping them outlandish child adventures. One of the highlights of the show was one of Jamal's best friends, Kwame. Kwame believed in conspricays and blamed everything on the "man", he was a hotep before that was a thing and as a 9 year old that makes it even more hilarious.

The cartoon only lasted for 13 episodes, which is weird because I could have sworn there were more episodes. Anyway it's currently airing on The Roku Channel, for all who wish to check it out.

Mister T.

In the 1980's fresh off his role as Clubber Lang in Rocky III and as B.A. Baracus on the A-Team, Mr. T was a bonafide star. With his signature mohawk look and dripped in jewerly full of gold, along with his "Pity The Fool" catchphrase. People were drawn to Mr. T, Which as customary during that time meant getting your own cartoon. He e