Black Museums You May Not Know About

Black History Month is about educating others on how much we've contributed to the world, and celebrating the culture and the things we do that make us, US! Black influence and history is in every facet of society and there are many museums that celebrate that. The Great Blacks and Wax Museum and Reginald F.Lewis Museum both in Baltimore, National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. Motown Museum in Detroit, fun cultural museums like the Trap Museum and Culture Experience in Atlanta, Black Hair Experience in D.C. and of course the National Museum of African American History And Culture In D.C.

These are some of the more well known museums, this article will cover 5 museums that explore our rich history you may not be aware of.

Black Writers museum

Located in Philadelphia, this museum displays writings and contributions of many Black writers throughout history. Highlighting the perseverance of Black people to learn to read and write, then create our own stories and testimonies to share with the world. The stated goal of the museum is to inspire the next generation of literary greatness within our community. More Information about this museum can be found on the website

National Museum of African American Music