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It's the 30th anniversary of a movie called "Strictly Business". Now I love this movie but surprisingly I know maybe only 5 other people that have even heard of the movie. Which is quite a shame because it is actually a very good fun movie, and reflective of the culture back then and now.

Strictly Business stars Tommy Davidson, Joseph C. Phillips, and Halle Berry in her first starring role. Tommy's character Bobby is a mailroom clerk at a big Manhattan firm that dabbles in commercial real estate. Joseph's character is Waymon Tinsdale. A high level executive at said firm.

Bobby would like Waymon to mentor him to grow in the company, but Waymon has a stick so far up his ass he believes Bobby acts too Black for the corporate world. That is until Waymon learns Bobby is an acquaintance of Halle Berry's Natalie, who Waymon is smitten by and wants to get to know.

The two decide to partner up and help one another get what they want. As a kid when I saw the movie I just thought it was a funny movie starring Tommy Davidson who of course was making stomachs hurt on In Living Color and the guy from the Cosby Show.

Now as an adult the movie touches on so many relevant topics. Black people having to behave a certain way to be successful in corporate environments. The crab in a barrel mentality amongst Black's. The power of networking and fostering relationships. Corporate politics and racism. Going after what you want and what's more important love or a career?

Strictly Business pulled in $7 million during its box office run. Which I guess is a modest success as I'm sure it didn't receive much promotion. The lack of promotion during it's theater run and afterwards may contribute to the lack of love the movie gets. It also isn't often shown on Cable TV you may catch it on a BET station late at night every now and then. It isn't widely available on any streaming platform, Prime video has it to rent for $3.99. When it really should be available for all to see on HBO Max in my opinion.

Samuel L. Jackson before he became cool ass Uncle Sam has a role in the movie, Sam Rockwell who I only knew as the leader of the wannabe foot soldiers in Ninja Turtles has a role, and Jodeci have a brief part before they dropped their first album. Speaking of which, the movie is backed by a fire new jack swing era soundtrack courtesy of legendary Uptown Records.

All which contributes to it's legacy in my opinion. It's a hidden gem deserving of so much more love and I highly suggest checking it out if you get the chance.

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