MJ Hidden Gems

Today is Michael Jackson's Birthday. He would have been 63 and love him or hate you cannot deny his impact on the music world. The King of Pop, an influential legend he produced 10 solo albums with a myraid of hits. This article covers 5 hidden gems you may have never heard, or maybe heard and never paid it any mind.

5. Speechless

This cut on his 2001 Invincible album briefly heard on the 2009 documentary This Is It. With Michaels soft vocals is the perfect song for any wedding, proposal background track or valentines day. It's a song about love and how being head over heels in love can cause someone to be at lost for words.

4. Stranger In Moscow

Released on 1995's History album and released as a single in 1997. At the time of the songs release MJ was losing his iron grip on the music world. The single didn't receive much video play on MTV, BET or VH1. Despite that The song has a infectious beat, followed by lyrics about isolation and paranoia. It's one of his better songs of that album.

3. On The Line