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Artist Spotlight

#1500Radio chops it up with West Baltimore's MoneyJake.

You can really see what I'm saying..I'm outside everyday.

Q: Welcome to 1500radio. You're our first artist spotlight, so you gots to come with the juice. I did a little bit of research, but for the record go ahead and tell the people your name, where you from, and what you do.

A: "My name is #MoneyJake, I'm from Stricker and Pressman, better known as Endless drive...I'm the best rapper in this town"

Q: Describe your childhood using a movie or song title.

A: "Bebe Kids.."

Q: So which one are you?

A: "I'm the one that was running things."

They say I'm the Baltimore Biggie.

Q: Lets get into the music. Tell me how you got into rapping.

A: "I started rapping 3-4 years ago, I got locked up, and then Izzy..he had did the..the Bodak Yellow Cardi B joint. Then I was like playing with it outside and my brother was like that s*&! really hard. So then after that it was on. So I did it, the city reacted good so I just kept going, I kept dropping after that."

Q: Who are some of your musical influencers?

A: "I like, right now, I'm listening to a lot of Lil Baby and MoneyBag"

Q: Same. Any old school people, anybody leave an impression on you?

A: "Yea.. they say I'm the Baltimore Biggie"

Q: We've talked a little about some of Baltimore's hottest rappers, what makes you different? What sets your music apart?

A: " can actually like see what I'm saying. A lot of n&gg*s, you be like where they from? Where they be? Im outside everyday, you can really come past to see me. People ride past this corner playing Luther Vandross, by the time they get to the bottom they like oh this where Jake be at.. Im really outside, you can see what I'm saying".

Q: As far as flow and style, if someone has never heard MoneyJake before, why should they listen?

A: Because..I give basically..I talk for the people who can't say it..n&gg*s that's locked up, n&gg*s that's hustling.."

He a fool wit' it.

Q: So just 3 years and your making power moves. New album out and tons of hot features. Let's back up first. Take me through a timeline but first, you had a slight name change right? Before MoneyJake it was #Fooly , tell us about the change.

A: "Nah I been MoneyJake but Fooly is my campaign, I'm just trying to show the Fooly side of it.

Q: What is Fooly? Like funny? Like foolish? Define it for us.

A: "He a fool with it"

Q: So like slick with it?

A: "Yea that's it"

Q: Ok back to the timeline... Professional Shit Talker 2018. Then Fooly.

A: "Yea I dropped Fooly like last year...2020. April 1st, cause you know every April 1st is Fools that's my I drop this one..My Moment. Pose' to been on April 1st, but I been like tricking the city..April foolisn' the whole city..and giving them the tape like on the 2nd"

I'm about to do this tape. I want you on it.

Q: So before that Fooly, then Fully Reloaded was that like additional songs added?

A: "Yea just additional Fooly..if you really listen to that tape..that tape got a lot of good stuff on it, but just like the Rona hit smack when I dropped it so I couldn't really do what what I wanted to do with I just made it like a throw a way...then I came back with My Moment".

Q: Yes, My Moment has the city going crazy right now with features from TMC the Don and Roddy Rackzz, two other Baltimore artist. Let's talk about those features. How did we make those links happen?

A: "This whole tape...My Moment was to show I can bring the whole Baltimore together and show em' that I can go bar for bar with any n&gg* that y'all think the best. So I was just putting sh!t together.. I was just reaching out to everybody like I'm about to do this tape.. I want you on it. Some people was like ima' send you a song, but I don't like to work like that..I like to be in the studio so we can both vibe it me and I called this n&gg* eight o clock in the morning..he sent me a beat by 9:30...I was like I couldn't catch it yo he was like let's go in the studio try catch it..when we went in there it was easy..same thing for and Roddy grew up together...He just from up there, I'm from down there..we went to school together and all that".

Q: Ok. So y'all recorded in Baltimore?

A: "Yea yea..I recoded the whole tape here..out Woodlawn".

Q: Do you ever get writers block?

A: "Nah I don't write".

Q: So, where do you see yourself in five years, what the dream or goal?

A: "I need to be a Multimillionaire. Calabasas or Miami."

Q: Ok..I love that speak that over the table.

A: "Yes God.."

Q: Ok the time has come...I've got to put you in the Hotseat...your our first Artist to do this on the new 1500Radio so you got to go crazy. Ok?

June 2021

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