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Rapper Young Dolph, shot and killed in Memphis

Young Dolph, a respected and beloved hip-hop and rap musician, was killed today (November 17), according to local news outlets.

The rapper was shot outside a cookie store in his hometown of Memphis, TN.

The shooting happened Wednesday afternoon at Makeda’s Butter Cookies on Airways Boulevard.

The shop’s owner, Maurice Hill, told local news station that Young Dolph, whose real name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., went into the store to buy cookies when someone drove up, shot and killed him.

This is not the first time Dolph has been targeted in a shooting. In September 2017, he was shot several times in Hollywood. He was struck with three bullets and spent several weeks in the hospital recovering. No charges ended up being filed, even though several other artists were connected to the event. Later that year, an SUV attached to the rapper was shot dozens of times.

He was 36, and he leaves behind two children, a son and a daughter.

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