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Rihanna, Beyoncé, Oprah, & Kamala Harris Make Forbes’ List For The World’s Most Powerful Women

Forbes has released its 2021 list of The World's Most Powerful Women.

The 18th annual list of power women includes 40 CEOs, 19 world leaders, an immunologist and, for the first time in more than a decade, a new number one.

Taking the No. 1 spot is Mackenzie Scott. According to Forbes', "She’s the third richest woman in the world....and her determination to donate it in a way that is meaningful and revolutionary—that puts her above the competition.

Just behind her at No. 2 is U.S. vice president Kamala Harris, who moves up one spot now that she’s been sworn into office.

According to Forbes, "all of these women represent the driving thesis behind the compilation of the list: it’s not just enough to have money, or a position of power. A person must be doing something with their fortune, voice or public platform."

Other powerhouses on the list include Rosalind Brewer, the former chief operating officer of Starbucks who is now the CEO of Walgreens since March and is currently the only Black woman running an S&P 500 company.

Some familiar faces we loves to see: Oprah No. 23, Rihanna No. 68, Beyonce No. 76, Ava DuVernay No. 80, and Serena Williams No. 85.

The list is impeccable! To view the entire list, click here.

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