Royal Farms Arena Revamp

For years there have been calls to update the Royal Farms Arena or replace it altogether. I even know several people who would rather drive to nearby cities than attend a show at the arena. It opened in 1962 and definitely shows it's age, the seats are too small and tight. The concourse is not inviting at all, concessions could use an upgrade and just compared to other arenas it definitely is low on the list.

If the city's spending board approves funding, renovations could began in Feburary with a company co-owned by Kevin Durant during the renovation. Renderings of the proposed new design look very modern and promising. The big question becomes will shows still be able to be held while renovations are underway? The Dunkin' Donut arena in Providence, RI was renovated while still hosting shows over a decade ago. I'm sure the same could be done for ROFO arena.