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Stand By Your Word

ESPN anchor Sage Steele is in a lot of shit this week. She has been removed from the airwaves and has caused a firestorm, after appearing on Jay Cutler's "Uncut With Jay Cutler" podcast. On the podcast the hot button topics she touched on, were President Barack Obama's decision to identify as Black on a census form. Disney forcing employees to get mandated, and how young female reporters who dress a certain way know what they're doing. Soon as shit hit the fan and ESPN pulled her, here comes reports that she's been diagnosed with covid-19 and get apology from Sage about her hurtful words. At this point I am tired of these celebrities and public figures going on these shows, making the comments they make knowing full well what their doing and backtracking when they are reprimanded. Now I don't listen to Jay Cutlers podcast, I didn't even know he had a podcast before this incident happened. I could be 100% wrong but I'm pretty sure there is a particular demographic that listens to his podcast. Sage wanted to appeal to that demographic when she agreed to appear and thus made those statements. If she really feels that way, I'm ok with it I won't lose any sleep over it, doesn't cost me a dime, and Sage Steeles personal issues and views does not affect my day to day life. My only gripe is if that's how she feels stand by what you said Sage and deal with the consequences. That goes for any one public figure or not, when you make those statements just stand by them and know it helps others know how to deal with you from then on. Be an adult and stand by your word

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