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Without question Abbott Elementary is the best new comedy on TV right now, but dont sleep on another freshman sitcom Grand Crew. Grand Crew is one of NBC’s newest ensemble comedies. Like most sitcoms it follows a group of friends navigating life and their different situations, while relying on one another. I’ll admit it took me a couple of episodes to enjoy Grand Crew and “get” it’s type of humor, which is probably the driest of dry humor. At least to me though, it secretly is a genius program.

The center of these groups of friends is Noah played by Echo Kellum of “Arrow” fame. Noah wants nothing more than to be in a relationship, and he looks to romantic comedies for inspiration which is hilarious. He is a walking romantic comedy encyclopedia, which is a ununsual character trait but is something a person in real life probably has that same quirk. His crew is rounded out by his sister Nicky (Nicole Byer), Wyatt (Justin Cunningham), Sherm (Carl Tart), and Anthony (Aaron Jennings). All working through their own issues but also making things work.

The show has covered some topics I don’t think have been talked about on TV yet. Such as the effects of letting another grown man see you cry, navigating political differences when you’re dating and really into a person. How being a vegan can be looked down upon within the Black community, especially from the older generation. As well as being a kept house husband just to name a few. Wyatt is perfectly content being a house husband because of his friends constantly lamenting about the lackluster dating scene. A frequent comment I've heard from single people I know, which makes the show even more relatable. Take the time to check out Grand Crew, it comes on NBC Tuesdays at 8:30 and can be watched on the NBC App, Peacock, and Hulu.

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