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NBC sitcom “Kenan” starring a legend amongst 90’s kids and a future comedy legend period Kenan Thompson is a sitcom I didn’t know I needed. I honestly didn’t feel one way or another about the show, if I checked it out I checked it out and if I didn’t I didn’t. Well I’m here to say I am glad I checked it out.

Just kicking off its second season. Kenan stars of course as a fictionalized version of himself, a local Atlanta TV morning show host raising his two daughters while grieving his wife’s recent passing. Helping him raise his daughters are his brother/manager and his father-in-law played by Don Johnson (of Miami Vice and Nash Bridges fame). A casting choice I certainly didn’t expect to work that does.

What I liked most about the series is that Kenan's grieving is an arc within the show. He has a hard time admitting just how much he is hurting, is keeping upbeat as possible for his daughters, and every move he makes he has his wife in mind. The series gets big points for portraying a Black man as a good damn father doing everything possible not to let his kids down.

It does fall into some sitcom traps, but what sitcom doesn’t? If you’re looking for a good-hearted series with some laughs, Kenan is your show.

The show currently airs on Monday's on NBC. The first season is only 10 episodes. The second season is 5 episodes in. Perfect for a weekend binge during this time of year. You can find it on the NBC app, Hulu, and Peacock so go ahead and subscribe to Kenan.

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