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Comedian Ms. Pat stars in a new semi-autobiographical sitcom on Bet+ simply titled The Ms. Pat Show. I’ll admit I’ve never heard of Ms. Pat before I heard from word of mouth to check out her new show. She has an interesting life story that you may think is completely fiction but is 100% real.

The 10-episode first season is a breath of fresh air in the sitcom genre, it’s a hilarious R-rated yes R-rated sitcom a lot of f-bombs and other curse words not heard on sitcoms. Beyond that the sitcom has a lot of heart featuring a typical family navigating the current world. Each episode starts with a monologue by Ms. Pat similar to Seinfeld and the first season of Martin, that helps setup the episode.

Ms. Pat is a struggling comedian who is unapologetically raw, unfiltered, some may say rude and just doesn’t give a damn. The sitcom follows her and her family as they move from Atlanta to Indiana and adjust to their new surroundings, her household includes her husband and their two children together. A son and daughter from a previous relationship and her equally off the chain sister.

Relevant topics the show covers include being a fish out of water in any situation, the use of the n-word, striving to be a better person, not being accepted in different environments, absentee fathers, sensitivity in today’s world, and being inclusive and understanding of others. The Ms. Pat show is worth the watch because you will certainly laugh your ass off.

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