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The Upshaws is one Netflix’s latest hit sitcoms starring Mike Epps, Kim Fields, and Wanda Skyes. A big hit for the streaming service, season 2 dropped today and the episode order has been increased from 10 episodes to 16.

Now I will admit, at first I was hesitant to watch the series with initial plans of not watching it at all. I find Mike Epps style of comedy to be very hit or miss. After some persistent nagging by my sister to watch it, I finally watched it and really enjoyed the show.

The Upshaws are your typical family with some extra circumstances to round their life. Mike Epps character Bennie and his wife Regina played by Kim Fields have three kids together. Bennie also has a child with another woman from when he and Regina were “on break”. Wanda Skyes plays Regina’s sister Lucretia. Bennie and Lucretia don’t like one another and have no problems displaying it, but they also won’t allow anyone else to disrespect the other. The series features common topics such as blended families, coming out of the closet, parenting while returning to school, children trying to grow up too fast, keeping an open dialogue in a relationship and much more into its 10-episode order. I can't wait to sit down and watch this season to pick up from that bombshell cliffhanger season 1 gave us.

Bennie and Lucretia individual personalities and how they interact remind me of relatives, and I’m sure once you watch it you’ll feel the same way. Those two characters are thee highlight of the show. If you have not yet watched it. Binge it real quick and get prepared for season 2.

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