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The 2021 Forbes 400 List Of Richest Americans

Oprah gets knocked off the list!

Forbes has officially released its' 2021 list of Richest Americans and the list took some for a shock!

The minimum net worth needed to gain—or hold onto—a spot on the list this year jumped to $2.9 billion. For the prior three years, the cutoff had been $2.1 billion. Fifty-one billionaires dropped off the ranking, including Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey.

Still on top for the fourth year in a row, is Jeff Bezos. The founder and, since July, chairman of online retailer and cloud computing juggernaut Amazon is worth $201 billion—$22 billion more than last year’s list.

Close behind at number two is Elon Musk, worth $190.5 billion—almost triple what he was worth on the 2020 list, due to the huge runup in the price of electric car company Tesla’s shares.

The richest woman in America, for the seventh year in a row, is Walmart heir Alice Walton, worth an estimated $67.9 billion.

To see the full list of Billionaires, click here

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