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The Wood Reboot

Cable network Showtime recently ordered a pilot for a series reboot of the 1999 Black classic The Wood. The TV series is being developed by the original films creator, it's due to be set in the present day with some acknowledgements to the characters of the original.

I love The Wood and I am all for more Black TV shows, but I'm not sure how I feel about this. I love the 1992 Eddie Murphy classic Boomerang and I tried really hard to enjoy the BET series reboot, which followed the same path The Wood will of of acknowledging the original. My biggest gripe with the Boomerang series is they never found a way to have any of the original stars make an appearance.

Hopefully The Wood series does should it get picked up. It's great fan service and taps into the powerful tool of nostalgia. I was happy as hell when I first saw the 2015 film Dope and picked up that was set in the same world as The Wood.

I'm going to give the series a chance if it gets picked up. I'm honestly just conflicted on if it will give proper service to the original. Or do we really need a reboot of the movie.

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