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Throw It In The Trash

It's that time of year again where we gather with friends and family over a plate of food. Be thankful for what we have and the people in our lives. As we gather to pass down family recipes, watch football, play cards and look for Black Friday deals.

We also should have some serious discussions about some traditional Thanksgiving dishes that absolutely postively belong in the trash. Through my own personal taste and talking to people I know. I've compiled a list of Thanksgiving dishes you really shouldn't put on your plate. Maybe even better just dont bothering cooking it. This list has no particular ranking.

Green Bean Casserole

I love green beans or as our culture still call them "string beans". I've never had green bean casserole though, but a few people I asked ranked that on the list as trash worthy. Looking at the recipe the green beans are the centerpiece with cream of mushroom soup and frenched fried onions as the other ingredients. Doesn't sound or by the photo look very appetizing at all, and based on what I've heard I'll stay away from it.

Pumpkin Pie

Once late August/early September hits you see pumpkin everything. Pumpkin spiced drinks, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin lattes. Even pumpkin flavored candles, then fast forward to Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie is available in abundance. If I'm ever somewhere and a plate is handed to me with a slice of pumpkin pie is on it. I hope I'm not disrespecting anyone at the gathering who made it when I immediately toss it in the trash.

Canned Veggies

There is a distinct difference in taste between freshly cooked vegetables and canned veggies. I get it canned veggies are convenient and non-perishable. They also are clutch for large catering events. They however don't compare to the taste of freshly cooked greens that someone put their elbow into. If you are at a residential Thanksgiving dinner and see canned veggies, make your way to your next destination.

Potato Salad

I enjoy some good potato salad, I prefer it in the summer during a cookout but that's just my preference. Alot of people love potato salad as a side dish for Thanksgiving. My brother bought up an excellent point, potato salad is worthy of seconds or the trash depending on who made it. Now the caveat is you wont know until you put a couple of scoops on your plate. A whole movie was based around the debate of potato salad and who made it.

Cranberry sauce

Talking with a few people I must have missed the boat on cranberry sauce. I've never liked cranberry sauce and believe it's a prime candidate for the trash. I've been told canned cranberry sauce deserves that honor, but homemade cranberry sauce is a whole different ballgame. After having that conversation I thought about it and I've only ever had canned cranberry sauce. Maybe one day if someone else makes it I'll give homemade cranberry sauce a try. Until then it's trash worthy to me.


To me turkey is the centerpiece of many meals on Thanksgiving, because it's tradition and many people dont want to find alternatives. That is one tradition I'm perfectly ok with fading away. Turkey is just dry as hell and I've heard the old saying just pour some gravy on it, and that doesnt help at all. The one time I had turkey and enjoyed it was when someone fried it. Even then I'm not sure that's enough to justify making turkey the main meat for thanksgiving. Throw the entire bird in the trash!

That's my list. What are your thoughts, what dishes belong in the trash?

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