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Top Twenty Black Sitcom Theme Song's

Sitcom theme songs we as fans love them. It helps set the tone for the show and often gives a brief synopsis of the show's overall story.

There are some undeniable classic sitcom theme songs in the world. The ones you will hum out of nowhere or sing just cause it popped in your head. Within the Black culture we love our classic sitcom themes, in my opinion here are the top ten Black sitcom theme songs.

20. Thea

The show itself only lasted for a season and wasn't very popular, but the theme song to the 90's sitcom Thea deserves to be in the conversation of best Black Sitcom themes. Thea Vidale herself sang the theme song and she bought the soul out of her to perform it.

The sister also starred Brandy and Jason Weaver who both could have contributed to make the theme song even better.

19. Sister, Sister

Debuting in 1994 and starring twin sisters Tia and Tamara Mowry, along with sitcom legends Jackée Harry and Tim Reid. Sister Sister is a true 90's sitcom and the theme song is a representation of the time period, colorful and upbeat. You'll be singing it and not even realize it, as the characters aged the show updated the theme song with a slowed down R&B edge to remind audience these were now young woman.

I Prefer the original theme but they are both good intro's and worthy of the top twenty list.

18. Smart Guy

Following right behind the Mowry Sister's is their younger brother Tahj Mowry and his WB show Smart Guy. Sung by Kristian Rex the theme song is light hearted and catchy enough to have audience members singing the jingle while the show is airing and afterwards.

17. Amen

The theme song to Amen could get you ready for Sunday service or get you through a rough day with a little inspiration. Sung by Gospel singer Vanessa Bell Armstrong she put her whole soul into this song, thus you feel "Shine On Me" soon as the beat drops.

16. Kenan & Kel

For 90's kid's Saturday Night's were reserved SNICK on Nickelodeon. Along with All That and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? a major reason for the popularity of Snick was Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and their show Kenan & Kel. Their theme song rapped by Coolio (probably the safest rapper from a content perspective they could find.) is infectious and while follows the same rap melody as other Coolio joint's. Make's you rock your head back and forth as you wait for the laughs to begin.

15. Sanford And Son

Probably the only theme song on this list that doesn't have any lyrics. The intro to the 1970's sitcom Sanford and Son is that infectious. Produced by Quincy Jones you hear the jazz influence all over the track and it plays nicely over images of Fred and Lamont Sanford, their junkyard and their red truck.

50 Year's later hum Sanford & Son and someone will join along.

14. Family Matters

To be honest I kind of was on the fence about adding this one. I had to relisten to it several times and realized it absolutely belonged on this list. Family Matters was staple of ABC's TGIF lineup (man I miss those days) and in many Black families home's. The theme song "Day's Go By" sang by Jesse Frederick makes even more sense the older you get. It 100 % is a top twenty them for Black Sitcoms.

13. Girlfriends

This Theme song is perfect because it get's right to the point of the show. If the title wasn't enough of a hint one of UPN's rare classics, Girlfriends focuses on a quartet of friends and the bond they have through their up's and down's in life. I had no idea Angie Stone sang the theme song, listening back I definitely hear her voice and it fit into the neo-soul vibe that was popular during the show's run.

12. Martin

Honestly Martin is my favorite sitcom of all-time and there's not much to the theme song. Damnit if it isn't catchy though.

11. 227

"Well There's No Place Like Home". 227 followed the tight-knit residents of a apartment complex in Washington D.C. The theme song was sang by none other than Marla Gibbs and it give's off a welcoming vibe. I feel like 227 often get's lost in the conversation of top tier but not quite classic Black sitcoms and the theme song is right up there with it deserving more flowers.

10. One On One

One on One is a good but not great sitcom, it's typical early 2000's UPN fare. Not a bad show but not a great show, a little cheesy but you were going to watch the whole half hour. That theme song however is top notch in my opinion. I don't know what it is but it just hits and is very catchy.

9. In Living Color

We owe the Wayans Family so many flowers for how they've entertained us over the year's. The classic 90's sketch show is not only hell of funny to this day, that theme song by Heavy D is a classic as well. You could play that joint at a party and I'm sure the dance floor will fill up, the song is more than a show intro it's a vibe.

8. Good Times

Good Times, ain't we lucky we got them? This sitcom is still relevant today as it was in the 1970's when it aired. When you hit road bumps you think about the Good Times you've had which is what Good Times is all about. The song is catchy with a message and is a top ten theme song.

7. Half & Half

Another UPN sitcom theme Half & Half intro simply HIT'S, maybe more so than other UPN shows and one I've yet to mention. This theme has R&B and Gospel blended very well in this intro, and the video help's cause it looks like the cast were having the time of their lives performing it.

I've heard conflicting stories on who actually performed the intro, some sources say Melodie Daniels others say Shanice (I love Your Smile fame). Either way this song deserved to be longer than 40 seconds. We need a full 3 minute's of this song.

6. Diff'rent Strokes

"Now the world don't move to the beat of just one stroke." even if you've never seen Diff'rent Strokes you have heard that opening line. You may or may not be shocked to learn that Alan Thicke (Dad on Growing Pains, Robin Thicke's father) actually sang the theme song. The lyrics are simple, the melody is simple and it get's to the point. Which makes it one of the top theme song intro's ever.

5. A Different World

A Different World the show itself is a classic, but on matter how you slice it A Different World the theme song may be more popular than the show. Longtime fans of the show randomly sing the lyrics and the beat can be infectious enough to get you to dance. Now the question often becomes which version of the theme song is more beloved? There were three versions throughout the six season series all performed by legends. Season 1 was sung by Phoebe Snow, Seasons 2-5 were sung by the Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin. Then the last season got a New Jack Swing infused intro sung by Boyz II Men. Truth of the matter is you can't go wrong with any of them.

4. Moesha

Mo-to the E to the..Moesha. Probably UPN's first hit Moesha debuted in 1996 and ran for 5 season's. Since Brandy is a real singer who else would perform the intro but her? Produced by Kurt Farquhar who also produced intros for other favorites on this list One on One, Sister Sister, Girlfriends. As well as some that didn't make the cut like Cousin Skeeter.

Moesha is probably one of the biggest theme song's to come out of the 90's. It was remixed a few times throughout the show's run to coincide with Moesha getting older. Either way it is a bonafide hit.

3. The Jeffersons

The Jeffersons debuted January 18th, 1975 almost fifty years later it's theme song is still beloved. "Well we're moving on up" is one everyone says when they come across a come up in life. I never knew this but Janet Du'bois of Good Times fame actually sang the theme song. She put her whole soul into the song as well, and it show's because Decades later it is woven into pop culture.

2. Living Single

This theme song hit's on absolutely all cylinders, the beat, the dancer, and of course a rap by show star Queen Latifah. Living Single is just as beloved today as it was back in the 90's, besides the good material the theme song has a lot to do with why it's still a staple on streaming services and cable TV. Go to a 90's party and the DJ is likely to blend it into their set, the intro is just that damn good.

1Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Come on, could anything else be number one? If someone randomly yell's out "In West Philadelphia Born and Raised", there is surely going to be someone if not everyone who chimes in and finishes the rest. This theme song actually gets performed at karaoke bars that's how popular it is. Rapped by none other The Fresh Prince himself Will Smith, the intro gives you a quick run down of the show's plot and with it's upbeat demeanor let's fans know out the gate the show is lighthearted and funny.

There's an extended version that was obviously cut for time, but every and now then during a rerun it's played and the song slaps even more as the kids say.

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