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Why Raising Kanan Is The Best Power Show

Power Book III: Raising Kanan ended his second season last night with an explosive (literally and figuratively) ending. By far it was the best episode of the series so far and left me in my feelings that we have to wait until next summer for season 3.

By far Raising Kanan is the best spinoff and possibly the best series in the Power Universe in my opinion. However, when I ask people do they watch it or when I see the social media chatter. It does not get as much love as the original Power or even Power Book II: Ghost. People show Tommy’ series Force more love in its first season. I’m not sure why that is, but people are missing out for damn sure. Here are a few reasons you should watch Raising Kanan.

First and foremost, Kanan’s mother Raquel Thomas aka Raq. Played by Patina Miller, she commands every scene she’s in especially when she faces off against men. You honestly believe Raq is a dominating queen pin in a testosterone heavy world who can hold her own. She’s cutthroat and ambitious, but her words are like a dagger which cuts deep. Especially when she runs down her two brothers and Lts. Marv and Lou Lou. Raq is one woman not to fuck with!

Next up is Unique played by Joey Bada$$, Unique is just as cunning and cutthroat as Raq is. Joey Bada$$ plays him with just enough swagger, you could see why he would be considered someone to look up to in Southside Jamaica Queens. Depending on what the character’s journey is by time the show ends, Unique could be a legendary figure amongst fictional kingpins like Nino Brown.

Then we have the setting early 90’s New York. For most viewers of the show the 90’s was a time you wish you could relive and have that joy again. The show starts off in 1991, we had banging new jack swing music, rap was really getting it’s shine. Clothes were still fly and fit. During that time you were either a young 20 something making your own money, living in the world. A teenager finding yourself, or a youngster enjoying the carefree life that comes with being a kid. Quite simply the 90’s was an all-around vibe, and the setting of the show highlights that.

The last reason is Kanan himself. As the show begins Kanan is aware of the family business, but he honestly is still a sheltered teenager. Some things that occur still frighten him and he doesn’t seem built for that life. A far cry from the psychopath we see years later in the original series. It also is sad to see how close Kanan and Jukebox were as kids seeing as how their relationship ended up. Being a prequel, Raising Kanan has done a good job so far with not getting “too cute” with references or callbacks to the original series. It is however interesting to see what happens to Kanan that finally turns on that switch, and I look forward to that most in the season(s) that lie ahead.

Quite Simply if you have Raising Kanan on the backburner of your to watch list you are missing out. Give it a shot and thank me later.

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