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Why The Hate Against Coach Prime?

Last Weekend NFL legend Deion Sanders was officially named the Head Coach for the University of Colorado-Boulder football team, This move was made after a successful three year stint at Jackson State University an HBCU in Jackson, Mississippi. Sanders has raised the profile of the Jackson State Tigers football team, making them contenders, improving their facilities out of his own pocket, and setting them up for future success.

Even what he accomplished at Jackson State, for some reason he has been slaughtered online and by sports pundits, for his decision to take the Colorado job. I've heard "sell-out" thrown around, I've heard he was supposed to stay at Jackson State and help build the profiles of HBCU's up overall. He played in the NFL for several years so has money, he shouldn't take the job at Colorado for the pay (he's going to be paid $5 million a year). Him leaving damages HBCU's ability to recruit and the list went on and on.

Here's what I don't get. Deion Sanders didn't do anything different than the normal person would do. He performed successfully at his job and someone offered him a significantly higher payday to come do it at their house. Most everyday folks will jump at another job doing the same thing they are doing for way less, hell some switch jobs for a couple grand more just because what the new company is offering sounds very enticing.

Money aside, Sanders also is a competitor and maybe he was ready for a new challenge. We all get bored with our jobs sometimes, and this could have been the case. Maybe Sanders and the AD at Jackson State didnt get along, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to leave and still shine a bright light on the school.

To me, this seems like a case of the crabs in a barrel mentality that Black people are often stigmatized as having. Even if you have legitimate reasons for not agreeing with his decision, be happy for the man.

What he did is no different than what anyone looking for their next opportunity would do.

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