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Will, Chris, The Slap It's All Complicated

Sunday Night things got a little uneasy at the Academy Awards. After Chris Rock performed a joke on Jada Pinkett Smith, her husband Will calmly walked on stage slapped Chris and walked back to his seat. By now you've seen the footage, the aftermath, the memes and the numerous viewpoints of everyone around the world on this situation.

From people are too soft to it comes with the territory. Will was right, Will was wrong. What they would have done if they were Will or Chris. Here's my very brief two cents on it, the whole situation is complicated. It's also very easy to say what you would have done when you're not in that exact moment.

Based on Will's speech after he won an Oscar for Best Actor his emotions were high. He spoke of the need at this point in his life to be a protector of those around him. Which alludes to why he did what he did. As a husband he was right in defending his wife, could it have been handled differently? Of course and that's what makes it wrong.

However things also point to emotional baggage, feeling like enough and enough. And overall just being tired of being the butt of jokes. Which points to something we are still fighting in the Black community. The proper outlet and space for Black people, especially Black males to let their feelings out and handle it properly.

Maybe we'll get more light on the situation, maybe we won't. Hopefully the complexities of the situation allows for more open dialogue about mental health and emotions among Black men.

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